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The market for IT contractors has improved significantly  and we are currently running more contractors than ever before, demand has increased to the point where it almost outstrips supply and when that happens rates rise and new entrants are drawn to the market.  Contracting is an exciting and dynamic way to work giving you exposure to many times more people and projects than you would in a permanent role however, before you decide if contracting is for you there are a number of things you need to consider...

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With the end of another financial year fast approaching now is a great opportunity to take stock of the current market trends and provide a general update around the availability of jobs within the local development market.

As I write this blog we are currently assisting fifteen local businesses in trying to attract high calibre Microsoft developers to their businesses. That combined with other organisations that are always interested to know who becomes available in the market place, makes the permanent .Net development environment an incredibly buoyant market place at the moment.

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A friend asked me recently about an obstacle they were coming up against in their search for a new role, the same thing was cropping up time and again and they were at a loss as how to handle it as it wasn’t something they could particularly do anything about – their location.  When I started out in IT recruitment back in 2002 it was common for people to commute around the region for work, thinking little of the travel between Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge and Norwich (by road or rail)

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“So, how much are you paid...?” This is the question, dropped casually by your interviewers as they cover off a few “basics”, that has the potential to be a real banana skin in the recruitment process for both sides, how would you handle it? Put on the spot without preparation and you’ve got two choices – blurt out the answer or refuse to disclose. Neither is particularly desirable - volunteer the information too readily and any following offer could be whatever you said plus a few percent, or risk being perceived as evasive and confrontational.

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In the not so distant past I attended an important client briefing, fully armed with performance stats, service levels and a confident knowledge of our supply capabilities.  I was so preoccupied with preparation that when the question came "what do you know about us?" I froze, babbled for a few moments desperately trying to dredge some research I had done three months previously before giving up and shutting up before I could do any more damage.  Happily on that occasion, my track record earned me the benefit of the doubt and I retreated with nothing more than a red face and a timely reminder to always cover off the basics. 

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What They Say

  • Andy takes the time to get to know both his clients and the local companies so that he can find the best fit for both. I have been very impressed with his knowledge of the software industry and he understands the best path for progression in the field. Definitely the first person I would call when looking for a new opportunity.

    Software Engineer, Suffolk

  • Andy is an extremely helpful, approachable and friendly agent to work with. His support and advice are second to none. Having spent time getting to know me, my skills and my job requirements, he assisted me in securing a permanent position which matched those requirements completely.

    Technical Manager, Suffolk
  • Matt provides an extremely professional and personable service. What particularly sets Matt apart is he does genuinely care about getting the right role for you. It’s great to get a truly unbiased opinion on the roles and Matt is in no-way shape or form pushy. I heartily recommend him!

    Software Engineer, Suffolk

  • Paul helped me secure a contract role as field deployment engineer. He was very friendly, professional and extremely trustworthy providing solid advice and guidance throughout the contract, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul and Bristow Holland to friends and colleagues


    Field Engineer, Ipswich

  • I have worked with Paul on all sides of the recruitment process, both as a candidate placed by him and as a recruiting manager using his services to find staff. I have found him to be very knowledgable and possessing integrity, honesty and tenacity in trying to find the best candidates. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him


    IS Manager, East Anglia

  • Matthew takes a personal interest in his candidates, following up on their career developments and always maintaining a good relationship. I have found him very approachable and trustworthy. He has never let me down and I will always call on Matthew first for his services.


    C# Developer, Colchester

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