Other IT Recruiters bring you jobs. Bristow Holland takes careers to the next level.

What are you going to do when you realise the company you’re working at is no longer evolving or progressing? When you notice that your work no longer involves interesting, innovative projects and you find yourself using legacy technology?

This kind of situation can be fine for a year but after four years you will be too far behind the rest of the industry. It’s time to make a move before you end up with stagnating skills and a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach.

When you come to us we’ll want to get to know you, listen to what you want, talk about your plans and ambitions and then get you prepared to meet employers and deal with the application process. We’ll make sure you’re ready for anything.

Want to see what opportunities are out there right now?

Click through to our jobs pages to see the current vacancies on offer and get an idea of the salary packages you can expect in your field. We cover the key specialisms in the IT industry – if you don’t immediately see something that fits, ask us to let you know when a suitable role comes up.

Getting you match-fit for your next job

  1. Understanding your career needs

Every candidate is unique and comes with their own track record, talents and ambitions. Did you get into the IT industry through a degree route or did you self-train, maybe as a teenager? We’ll want to know what you have found most rewarding, where your strengths lie, the kind of businesses you want to work for and what you need in a salary package. Then we can target the jobs you’ll find most satisfying.

  1. Fix up, look sharp

It’s not just about a list of skills and experience. We give you advice on how to write and format your CV to be more appealing to employers and also how you can customise your social media profiles (both personal and professional) to make you a stronger candidate. You should redesign everything focusing entirely on what is relevant for your next role. Also – do you need to skill up? Book yourself that course.

  1. Preparing for interviews

We always recommend candidates to employers only if we believe they will be a great match but the interview process is still a key point in landing your next job. We can coach you to fit the market, go over the questions you’ll be asked, what questions you should ask and how to answer ‘tripwires’. Now is also the time to look the part – get yourself that sharp suit, crisp shirt and smart shoes. And finally, make time for everything.

  1. The Numbers

We work hard for our candidates and the stats speak for themselves. How did we achieve these numbers? By being selective and proactive – we work with IT specialists and businesses who communicate well, trust our advice, and approach the job market with realistic commercial expectations. It’s working well so far!

Your Partners in Your Career

Have you had problems with success at interviews, or even getting interviews in the first place? We can help. Years spent placing IT specialists in fulfilling and rewarding roles has given us an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment process within this constantly-evolving industry. We can help you refine your profile, identify your strengths and how they can fit with the market, and make sure you find your ideal workplace.

Putting theory into practice

We’re not just all talk when it comes to improving your job prospects. As experts in career strategies, we’ll give you actionable advice and help you take positive steps towards your ideal job. Crafting your CV and online profiles, briefing for interviews and fine-tuning your appearance will all help win over potential employers.

Drop us a line to start the conversation – we’ll get to know your skills, priorities and ambitions, and use our expertise to point you in the right direction.

Success Stories

Care and attention to detail in recruitment can change lives. We don’t just look at the CV but also the person behind the CV to ensure a great fit for both the candidate and the company. But don’t just take it from us…

Charlie & Stuart: The Wi-Q story

When Wi-Q needed another React developer in a very competitive market place, we hunted everywhere until we found Charlie. See how we engaged with Wi-Q so that by the time Charlie’s CV arrived, Stuart already knew that he was the right person for the job.

Working with a recruiter who understands the technology is a real help. I can communicate my concerns to Bristow Holland and they can understand that and tailor my recruitment experience to suit my needs.

– Charlie Jennings, Software Engineer

Ready for a new challenge?

When it comes to getting to know each other and understanding your needs, a one-to-one chat is far more effective than scanning through online profiles. If you’ve reached a point where you know you have to jump ship to a new job in order to keep your career active and exciting, we can help.

Give us a call today and we’ll listen to what you need, take you through the process and work out where you can go next.

Andy Bristow
Marc Brown
Change & Transformation & Business Analysis & Testing
Matthew Foot
Software Development
Harry Dibbs
Infrastructure Support

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