Are your job ads too vague to attract candidates?

Andy Bristow by Andy Bristow | Director
Shape 2 min watch | 01-09-2021

The current high number of IT vacancies means a correspondingly high number of job ads. However, with the majority offering little or no details beyond ‘competitive salary’ and ‘great benefits’, most ads will only serve to delay the recruitment process, or simply fail. 

Is your job ad not working? In this 1-minute video, Andy Bristow explains exactly what information skilled experts want to see in a job advertisement and outlines what it takes to entice the strongest candidate for the job. 

If you need support with your current vacancies or looking to recruit and need guidance, get in touch with Andy today.

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Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow

Andy is responsible for making sure Bristow Holland delivers results for our clients. Drawing on over 20 years recruitment experience, Andy leads our team of specialist recruiters in combining modern recruitment recruitment techniques with old fashioned network building and market knowledge so we can give clients access to the best talent the market has to offer.