IT Recruitment Tailored to your business

Do you need an IT contractor to replace or support a key skill set in your team? Does the success of a project rest on sourcing a specialist who can raise your teams game? We can solve your immediate needs right now.

We have a trusted bank of contractors you can rely on – specialists in all areas, of the quality you need to get the job done. Hiring a contractor is far quicker than recruiting for a permanent position and you could have someone in place within days.

Contractors are seen as being expensive, but the right ones are worth it. We know people who can cover every skill set and fill every gap that can arise. We know where they are and how to get them for you. You only need to get in touch.

The Benefits

Short term boost to work and productivity

Bringing a contractor on board can have a positive effect on your business. Your team will be able to get more done in a shorter period of time, improving the general morale and focus in the office. You’ll also impress your clients with your effective turn-around and gain the ability to handle more work while your contractor is there.

Access to the next level of skills

An expert IT contractor will bring a level of knowledge and skills that you don’t get on the permanent market. They might have been perms once, but evolved and stood out in their specialism, enabling them to act almost as consultants. Remember, not only is the contractor bringing their skills to the team, the rest of the team are able to see the new tricks, tips and approaches the contractor will use, and be inspired to be better as a result.

Not paying benefits

If you were taking on a new permanent employee, as part of their salary package you would have to pay national insurance, holidays, bonuses, extra training costs and statutory sick pay. In contrast, contractors are responsible for covering their own taxes and benefits, and will also need to pay for professional insurance and subscriptions to industry bodies, none of which you will cover either.

As and when basis

The real appeal of a contractor lies in the flexibility they can offer. Contracts will run for a specific period of time, or cover a particular project, during which you’ll need their input. They have the ability to jump straight in to the job at hand, and when it reaches its end they can do a handover guide or session to ensure your permanent team is up to speed. But who knows, if the contractor has proved an invaluable part of the team, you might want them to stick around…

Getting you out of a tight situation

New Project?

If you have taken on a new project and found you don’t quite have the resources or manpower to manage it on top of your current workload you might be tempted to recruit a contractor to inject new energy and take on the heavy lifting. However, this might be damaging to your office dynamic, making your current staff feel inadequate and causing resentment, especially if an exciting development like this was exactly what they’d been waiting for.

If your team is actually up to standard on the new project, then backfilling them could be the best solution. Why not hire a contractor to cover their usual work, so your permanent team can do the new job? The result will be that all work will be done more quickly and everyone will feel happier.

Extra IT Support

Contractors should be like superheroes – they’ll come when you call, and use their advanced skills and rare talents to get you out of a hole. When you need someone to provide a quick fill within your IT team for a certain period of time, a contractor can be the ideal solution.

You might be making changes within your business that need specific expertise, or simply a fresh pair of eyes. You could be changing servers, running a complete hardware refresh, or testing and installing a new CRM or customer interfaces. If you’re in an awkward situation, we can get you out of it right now.

Do you need help now, and can’t wait?

The solution to your problem is just a phone call away. We’re also available outside office hours, so if you are in a fix that really can’t wait, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What we need to know:

Job spec – What role do you need to fill? What will the contractor be working on? What skills do you need them to bring?

Budget – Contractor rates vary according to the role, but we need to find out if we’re all on the same page, with realistic commercial expectations.

Timeframe – When do you need them to start? Do you have any specific deadlines or milestones in the project? What’s the anticipated end date?

Armed with all the relevant information, we can get on the phone and start sourcing exactly the right specialist contractor for your job. Depending on the speed of responses, we aim to get between three to five CVs on your desk within 24 hours.

Meet the team

Each of us at Bristow Holland is an expert in our particular specialist field, and know the world of contracting inside out. If you’ve reached the point where any further delay to sourcing the right specialist for your project will hurt your business, then don’t hesitate to jump on a call with the appropriate agent and they will do their best to help you out.

There are contractors out there to suit all skill sets and gaps that can arise. We can get them. We know where they are. Get in touch today.

Andy Bristow
Marc Brown
Change & Transformation & Business Analysis & Testing
Matthew Foot
Software Development
Harry Dibbs
Infrastructure Support

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