Scale your team without the cost

CoRecruit is the ideal solution for businesses entering a growth phase, allowing them to hire in volume without losing control of their recruitment costs.

A new approach to recruitment

CoRecruit provides clients with a drop-in talent acquisition team that instantly delivers all the benefits of an in-house recruitment team, powered by the skills and resources of an established specialist recruitment agency.

Not only does this supercharge hiring and free up internal resources, but it also helps ambitious companies outperform competitors in the race for talent, whilst leaving a lasting process and behavioural legacy that will save time and money for years to come.


Talent acquisition team dropped into your business.

Fixed monthly fee + small hiring fee for each position filled.

Fixed contract with agreed delivery period.

Promotion of all vacancies across social channels.

Full control over marketing messages for applicants.

Standardised recruitment process for all candidates.


Freeing HR and other execs from the burden of recruitment.

Significant cost savings compared to using multiple agencies.

Dedicated team to fill numerous positions in agreed timescale.

All candidates receive the same brand messaging.

'White glove' candidate experience from initial contact to onboarding.

Creates a pool of reusable talent for the future.

A cost-effective recruitment solution

With a fixed monthly fee and small hiring fee for each position filled, CoRecruit offers a more cost-effective approach than engaging multiple agencies.

How it works