How easily can you match a job spec to a real person?

Marc Brown by Marc Brown | Change & Transformation
Shape 2 min watch | 21-10-2021

How to find the real person to match your job spec

A job spec is often the last thing we request from a client. In this quick video, Marc Brown shows why, while they can be good for candidates to read, job specs have little value as a recruiting tool. 

Learn the three factors we use to help you hire effectively, and how we use all available information to come up with a person-shaped solution to a client’s problem. Finding candidates has never been easier, but building the relationships to create a pipeline of perfect candidates for your roles is where our skills lie. 

About the author
Marc Brown
Marc Brown

Marc is our specialist in Change and Transformation and Business Analysis, joining us in early 2017 after several years’ experience at another blue-chip recruitment firm in the construction market. He completed his Prince 2 certification in November 2017.