Business Data Analyst

About the Position

Business Analysis & Database & Business Intelligence
Suffolk / Fully Remote
£55,000 - £65,000 per annum

Job Role

As the Business Data Analyst, you’ll be involved in all stages of project delivery, from discovery to data model approval, implementation, and testing of new data platforms/processes. You’ll deliver documentation and knowledge transfer to both the client teams and internal teams to ensure that the developed solution runs as smoothly as possible, and to the specific requirements.

You’ll be working closely with the likes of cloud engineers, data engineers and data scientists who will typically setup automated data ingestion, transformation and machine learning pipelines, working to a data model and data flow process determined by you, the business data analyst.

Requirements & Experience

Experience wise, we’re looking for someone who has the ability to analyse, model and interpret business processes and business data with great problem solving skills. You’ll also need to be an exceptional communicator as you’ll be working with internal and external stakeholders, running discovery workshops, validation sessions and delivering training material if needed.

This role offers a perfect blend of Analysis, Data and working with some of the best and exciting tech and processes.

Job Benefits

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