Business Systems Analyst

About the Position

Business Analysis
Ipswich, Suffolk
£40,000 - £45,000 per annum

Job Role

This is a newly created role, and you’ll be the first Business Systems Analyst in the business. Your main focus will be to provide the link between the business and technical domains, using effective communication and a structured, methodical approach towards process and systems improvement.

One of the first things you’ll be tasked with is looking at the business, understanding their pain points, challenges and problems as well as identifying where they want to go, in order to work out what needs to happen to get to the end goal. This will involve some business analysis skills such as needs analysis / root cause analysis, building a business case and feasibility, presenting this to the senior stakeholders and delivering once the green light has ben given, whilst creating a methodical structure and process of how to carry this out.

Requirements & Experience

The ideal candidate will display effective communication in both technical and non-technical environments with the ability to engage key stakeholders using a variety of techniques to elicit requirements. You’ll have a good blend of business analysis skills, knowledge of systems and applications and an understanding of project management and being able to oversee projects through to completion.


Job Benefits


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