Implementation Consultant

About the Position

Software Implementation
Ipswich / London / Fully Remote
£60,000 - £65,000 per annum

Job Role

The Implementation Consultant will sit in the middle of the internal technical teams, external suppliers, third parties and the customers to ensure successful delivery, implementation and onboarding of both new and existing customers.

You’ll be involved in the whole process from the moment the customer gives the green light to final delivery. You’ll be responsible for the scoping / design, through the development phase, QA, implementation, onboarding and final delivery. You’ll be responsible for managing all these phases, making sure the requirements are met, chairing progress meetings and making sure the customers get the best service possible.

Requirements & Experience

This role would suit someone with proven implementation and onboarding experience particularly within the insurance sector. You’ll need excellent communication and presentation skills as there is often a requirement to present at pitches to prospective new clients to fully explain the business approach to implementation and highlight your experience to deliver successfully.

Job Benefits

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