IT Projects & Change Manager

About the Position

Change & Transformation
Ipswich, Suffolk
£50,000 - £55,000 per annum

Job Role

This is a role for an IT Projects & Change Manager to ensure all minor IT change projects are completed in a timely manner and that they align with the business requirements and objectives, including leading all system changes from conception through completion of the project lifecycle, including handover to support and BAU.

Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that initiatives are well-planned, executed, documented, and well-integrated into the team, department, and organisation. You will be expected to collaborate closely with business stakeholders in order to successfully prioritise the most value-adding change in order to offer the largest business benefit while ensuring project risks are properly controlled. It is also necessary to maintain ongoing compliance with regulatory duties and change requirements.

Requirements & Experience

We’re looking for someone who has a track record of successfully completing IT system change projects. You’ll also be able to set up proper governance arrangements and project controls, such as project planning.  You’ll be working closely with the Business Analysis team to ensure standards are maintained and developed will be perfect if you have experience with business analysis and process documentation using formal BA tools.

The ideal applicant will have a thorough understanding of software development lifecycles as well as hands-on project delivery experience. Previous experience in business and stakeholder interaction, as well as a track record of meeting deadlines, costs, and quality expectations, are required.

Job Benefits

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