SQL Server DBA

About the Position

Database & Business Intelligence
Ipswich, Suffolk
£35,000 - £39,000 per annum

Job Role

We are looking for someone with experience of working with SQL server instances – including database backups, database file management and troubleshooting database issues. While it is not essential that you have had lots of experience within this sector before, you must have an understanding of database design and development. Training on the business systems will be provided.

Responsibilities will include

  • Support and maintenance of in-house SQL Server databases.
  • Analysis and resolution of database performance issues.
  • Auditing and maintaining database security standards.
  • Contribute to SQL DBA and other ICT Project work, including planning, preparation and execution of DBA related tasks and objectives.

Requirements & Experience

This role offers someone with good SQL skills and a technical mind the opportunity and pathway to get more involved with Database Administration side of things. Training, support and guidance is offered and there is a clear progression and development plan in place. All you need is some basic SQL skills to get started and then the right attitude – the desire to challenge and push yourself and the motivation to work hard to progress within a well-established IT Team.

Job Benefits


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