Meet Up

We want to get to know you

Checking out a profile page is useful for a quick first impression, but it’s only in a face-to-face meeting that the real business can start. Seeing and talking to each other always reveals details you can’t get from a screen.

We’re an approachable team with many years’ experience in IT recruitment, which means we respect people and take a responsible approach. Do you want an honest, informal chat with some straightforward advice on how to secure your next job? Just get in touch.

People before process

No algorithm can replace the hands-on approach and relationship-building that is at the core of what we do, and which enables us to place you in a job where you’ll feel valued and fulfilled.

When you come to see us, you’ll be able to put faces to names, see how we work, and get to know how we help. And we’ll get to learn more about you, your approach, your career aims, and your experience beyond what’s on paper.

The relationships we’ve built with clients gives us the credibility to get candidates in front of employers who might ignore a CV. When we say “you have to see this person”, they take us seriously.

Want to talk it over?

You can contact us any time via phone, messenger, text or email, and our office has an open door. We know it can be tricky to balance your current position with checking out your career options, and understand discussions often need to be outside normal office hours.

It’s natural to feel a little insecure when looking for another job. You might imagine you’ll be judged critically, or that you’re just another face to us. Nothing is further from the truth. As an IT specialist, you have skills that people need, and we’ll want to talk to you. Come on in!

Andy Bristow
Marc Brown
Change & Transformation & Business Analysis & Testing
Matthew Foot
Software Development
Harry Dibbs
Infrastructure Support
Industry Analysis

It’s been a month since the roll-out of new IR35 guidance to the private sector. For anyone who’s missed this, essentially the requirement to determine IR35 status has shifted, and the risk with it, away from the individual contractor to the end client first and the agency second.   This has been a highly contentious move...

Industry Analysis

We asked candidates and employers a year on from the first lockdown about their experiences during lockdown, furlough and future predictions.

Recruitment Guide

Your CV could end up in the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ pile in just 15 seconds, so it’s essential that your CV grabs the employer’s attention for all the right reasons.