Bristow Holland welcomes Liam to the team

It’s time for an exciting announcement at Bristow Holland HQ – We have a new team member! We’d like to...

Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow
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11 June 2019 Date Created

It’s time for an exciting announcement at Bristow Holland HQ – We have a new team member! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Liam Huffee, joining the Bristow Holland team as a Recruitment Consultant.

Liam’s background

Liam started his working life at the young age of 16 – choosing to join the Royal Navy. Being part of the Royal Navy meant he spent a lot of time travelling the world, seeing all sorts of places, more than most people would expect to see by their late teens! After a number of years in the Navy, Liam became a skilled ‘Above Water Weapons Specialist’, where he stayed for another 6 years.

During his time in the Navy, Liam was awarded an “Order of the Blue Nose’ certificate. As the name suggests, it’s awarded to sailors to mark their first crossing of the Arctic Circle, where it happens to be pretty chilly. Each certificate design was unique to the individual ship, and these certificates were completely unofficial, but rumour has it, if you had one of these, you couldn’t be harmed by any sea creature, so we’re officially safe from Kraken.

Upon leaving the Navy, Liam changed his career up completely and started again working with a local Government Funded Training Provider as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant, back in 2012 – and since then has worked tirelessly to perfect his skills at a number of recruitment agencies in Suffolk, across a number of sectors including Engineering, Sales, Marketing and IT over a total of 6 years. Makes a bit of a change from the Navy, right?

Liam is now a highly skilled, results-focused individual, who has been brought into the business to expand Bristow Holland’s capabilities in the IT support and administration space.

A little more about Liam

A family man, Liam’s favourite past-times are spending time with his new puppy Zeus and partner Zoe. He also really likes to go swimming in the sea. Nobody really knows why.

Why Bristow Holland?

When we asked Liam why he chose us, he said; “I chose to join Bristow Holland as their experience in the field of IT as recruiters is unmatched in the Suffolk/Essex area – there’s just nobody that does it the way they do. The Bristow Holland team is armed with the knowledge and know-how to maintain strong relationships with businesses and create new ones with those that need that help with their IT recruitment. I really believe they have an exciting future ahead of them, and that future was just something that I had to be a part of!”

Welcome to the team, Liam, we’re looking forward to sharing our future with you – and helping us keep away those pesky sea monsters.