Your friends in effective recruitment

We like honesty, plain talking and making great careers happen. We like to meet people, solve problems and avoid jargon. Relationships matter, and we value how clients and candidates can feel comfortable approaching us in any circumstances and through any channel.

We founded Bristow Holland in 2013 to bring a different dynamic to IT Recruitment. We’ve been in the industry for a long time – most of us had years of previous experience at large blue-chip companies in London and Suffolk – giving us a maturity in our attitude towards delivery and a deep knowledge of the business.

We’ve created an agency that reacts quickly, precisely and personally to whatever you need. We’d love to talk – just get in touch.

Talking your language

No-one knows IT recruitment like we do. We know the market, the technicalities, the personalities and the demands of each role. And we keep up to date on new technology, new approaches, and which companies and individuals in the region are standing out.

We know what makes a good Business Analyst or C# Developer and we also know how many are available, where they are, what skills they have and what salary they’ll expect. We’ll understand your priorities and work with you to ensure that both candidate and client are perfectly matched.

The Candidate

It’s a big step to consider changing jobs and taking the time to move. You might need to balance your search for a new job with your current role. The good news? We’re easy to reach by any means that suits you: text, email, Whatsapp, social media and phone (of course), and will be completely discrete.

The search for the right role

It’s natural to feel a little insecure when reaching out to recruiters. Don’t worry. You’ve got skills people need and want, and we’ll know where to place you so you feel appreciated, rewarded and fulfilled. We are going to want to talk to you.

The Client

What will you do if your key employee resigns or you urgently need new expertise? It’s hard to reach out into an active jobs market to find who you need. We go beyond simply advertising or collecting CVs, and get your vacancies in front of people you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Expertise when you need it most

If you urgently need to hire a contractor for a specific project or to fill a gap in your team, then we can react very quickly. Once we understand the skill-set you need, we can make the calls and have four CVs from precisely-targeted candidates on your desk in 24 hours. We’re ready to help you grow.

Success Stories

We’ve helped dozens of people like you expand their businesses or enhance their careers. See how we found just the right candidate for Stuart’s team at Wi-Q, and how Charlie knew it would be a rewarding place to work.

The Specialisms

“IT” isn’t a specialism, it’s an umbrella term for a group of specialisms as distinct from each other as chalk and cheese.  We dedicate experts to each specialism so you can always speak to a genuine market expert


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