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Bring in a highly skilled, agency trained and managed recruitment expert to work alongside your existing team and hiring managers, using specialist agency methods and candidate sourcing technology to supercharge your talent acquisition function. 

Organisations with forecastable agency spend will get incredible results whilst significantly reducing their overall agency spend. Just get in touch.

What you need to know about embedded Talent Acquisition

Flexible Recruiting Resource

Previously reserved for scaling tech businesses, this innovative model is now available for clients recruiting across professional recruitment specialisms. We supply a fully trained and resourced recruitment expert for fixed period with clearly defined deliverables, the result is an incredible hiring experience for your hiring managers, new employees and resourcing department as we upskill your existing team to reduce your long term dependency on agencies, significantly reducing spend both now and in the future.

Reducing agency spend over the long term

Businesses with forecastable hiring needs or consistent year on year agency spend stand to make a significant savings over the traditional agency model, we’ll show you how to build and maintain pipelines of talent in your specialist area, creating a pool of talented professionals already engaged with your employer brand. We’ll help you meet your diversity and inclusion goals and our experience of managing the hiring process will increase conversion and employee and manager satisfaction as well as improving the perception of the business in the market as we drive the hiring process for you leaving a lasting legacy.

Level up your talent acquisition

Even businesses with TA functions can find themselves overwhelmed at certain periods or bogged down with tricky roles which can lead to an over reliance on agencies. Our team work with you to overcome hiring peaks or unlock challenging hires whilst upskilling the existing TA function to improve delivery across the business.

Leaving a legacy of hiring excellence

Our team will have an immediate positive effect on your hiring and the business overall. By revising existing processes and implementing modern hiring strategies your hirers will be energised as we reduce time to hire, increasing their productivity and meeting the your diversity and inclusion goals the effect of which will be felt long after the project has concluded.

It’s not unusual for tech specialists to get pinged multiple times a week by agencies. It’s a testament to Bristow Holland that they don’t get lost in all that noise and maintain respect.
Rachael Drouet, Head of People & Development Explore Case Study
Without Bristow Holland, we wouldn’t have a team. They’ve hired all of our guys and built that whole team that is now driving this product forward.
Stuart Barnett, Technical Director, Wi-Q. Explore Case Study
Bristow Holland are in the business of recruiting people of a high calibre. Over the last 12 months, we’ve hired 4 exceptional people who are all outstanding in their field.
Steve Lamb, General Manager Explore Case Study

Solving your immediate hiring needs

New Project?

A significant new project win can leave you short of resources or manpower and demanding more of the existing team. Using agencies to find staff not only eats into management time it will also eat into a significant slice of your profits. You might be tempted to attempt to recruit directly and take on the heavy lifting however this is unlikely to deliver the quality needed in the time scales required, after all that is why agencies exist.

Engaging a highly skilled experienced embedded TA with access to all the tools that agencies use every day allows you to use less of your budget on agency spend and giving you freedom to set salaries at a level that will attract the best on the market – it’s a win win. Higher quality resource, delivered quicker and with better profitability.

Extra Hiring Support

The benefits of an embedded recruiter are extensive; the use of agency hiring methods, shorter resourcing and lower costs are the standout reasons for engaging one of our specialists but our clients also benefit from a range of less obvious advantages such as how your specific TA can tap into a whole network of other TA’s and agency recruiters to identify your next hire, advising on salary benchmarking and focusing on specific hiring targets such as gender diverse hiring with an auditable report on all aspects of the process.

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10/10 would highly recommend Bristow Holland. They were able to support me every step of the way from application to job offer.
Azeez, Senior Business Analyst

Frequently asked questions

The top questions we hear when companies are looking to hire an embedded talent acquisition specialist.
How soon can my embedded recruiter be in place?

As soon as you define the roles you need to fill and the timescale your are working to we will allocate an experienced agency recruiter to begin work on your project straight away. They will experience your typical onboarding experience and then be ready to begin working immedaitely afterwards. They are managed to agency standards so shortlists will begin landing with your managers within days.

What type of positions can you hire for us?

Our background in tech and digital change gives us a head start in those sectors but our hiring methodology and tools we employ are suitable for all professional level hires across hiring disciplines.

What level of experience will my embedded recruiter have?

Depending on the nature of the project we will recommend a recruiter with the right amount of experience to deliver your requirements, typically falling within one of three price bands. Regardless of experience level, all have access to the latest recruitment tools and technology to deliver your hires at scale and pace.

Meet the team

Bristow Holland is known for the exceptional levels of service and customer care we provide to candidates and employers alike. We believe that for every role, there is the right person and for every person, there is the perfect role. And it takes an expert to bring the two together. Each of us specialises in a certain area of IT or tech recruitment, but all possess in-depth knowledge of the industry and what makes companies and tech professionals tick.

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