Time to Get Real to Attract the Right Talent

Let’s face it, the days when employers held all the power in recruitment are over. For better or worse, Covid...

Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow
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20 April 2022 Date Created

Let’s face it, the days when employers held all the power in recruitment are over. For better or worse, Covid has changed the face of the working world forever. Candidates are reevaluating their priorities and suddenly the idea of long commutes to work for a company they don’t believe in isn’t looking as appealing as it used to.

If you’re an employer, it’s time to get real to attract and retain the right people. There are concrete changes you can make to boost employee satisfaction and avoid a talent crisis under your own roof. Read on to learn more. 

What’s Changed?

The situation around Covid-19 obviously opened people’s eyes to the benefits of working from home, with no loss of productivity, but it also changed people’s priorities. Seeing loved ones ill or even dying and the general stress of the pandemic led workers to reevaluate what was important to them. Did they want to risk their health and well-being working long hours and overtime for big salaries? Or were they happier taking a little less money in exchange for more free time and less pressure? 

According to a recent report, plenty of candidates have chosen the latter. The poll showed that half of UK workers were planning on quitting their jobs in 2022, in search of a better work/life balance.

Yet, even before the pandemic, a shift was happening. Over the last few years, candidates have become increasingly aware of, and engaged with, their own values. A job is no longer just a job; employees want to work for a company that shares their principles when it comes to diversity, inclusivity, and social and environmental responsibility.

Throw in a talent shortage and some industries – especially IT and tech – have seen the rise of a new, empowered worker. They have new priorities, and they’re so in demand that they no longer need to compromise.

What Do Employees Value?

To attract and retain candidates in today’s competitive skills market, you need to pay attention to what’s important to potential employees. Here are some of the key considerations:

  • Value and respect — Top talent is not 10 a penny. The best candidates need to feel valued and respected or they will simply move on to a workplace that fulfils their needs. Employees need to feel that they’re being heard, that their opinions are respected, and that their goals are taken seriously.
  • Personal well-being — Post-pandemic, workers are putting their well-being first. Simply put, lots of employees will prioritise good communication, mental health awareness and a supportive workplace over anything else.
  • Flexible working — As we mentioned above, flexible working is here to stay and it’s a deal breaker for many candidates. Whether it’s WFH or flexibility over hours, employees have grown used to having control over where and when they work. 
  • Development and growth — A dead-end job is one of the leading causes of burnout and resignation. Employees want to know they have the opportunity to learn and progress at your company. Otherwise, they’ll look elsewhere.
  • Transparency — From vague salaries to poor requirement descriptions, the modern candidate is aware of every job listing red flag and cliche going. Employees are looking for honesty and transparency at every stage of the recruitment process. 

What Do You Need to Do?

As an employer, here’s what you need to do to attract and retain the right talent for your business:

  • Get clear on your company’s purpose, values, and mission — Employees need to know that their goals and principles align with yours. Draw up a company document that outlines your aims, priorities and what you’re doing to achieve your mission.
  • Prioritise company culture — Likewise, ensure you have a strong sense of company culture that’s focused on respect, inclusivity and well-being. No lip service either; employees need to know they’ll be supported and that you’ll call out any behaviour that conflicts with your standards.
  • Emphasise personal growth — Make it clear that you understand a company only grows if its employees do too. Implement training and development schemes to help employees envision their future with you.
  • Focus on flexibility — If a candidate values remote working or flexible hours, respect and trust that they are capable of working in this way. After all, independence breeds responsibility.
  • Be honest — You shouldn’t lie or obfuscate in your job listing any more than a candidate should on their CV. Over-emphasising perks or under-emphasising responsibility to snag the best talent will only lead to a disappointed and disgruntled employee. And, in today’s climate, that will probably lead to a quick resignation. Be clear about the salary on offer, the requirements of the role and the benefits of working for you. That way you’re guaranteed to find (and hold on to) the best fit. 

Hiring in today’s climate is still a learning experience for many. But imagine how much more motivated you and your employees will feel when everyone’s needs are met and you’re all moving towards shared goals.

Speak to us today about what you need from an ideal candidate and find out what you need to do to attract them. Chances are, you’re doing a lot right already. 

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