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Wi-Q / Mobile food & drink ordering solution

“Without Bristow Holland, we basically wouldn’t have a team. They have hired every one of our guys and have built the whole team that is now driving this product forward.“


Stuart Bennett, Technical Director, Wi-Q

When you’re using cutting-edge technology, finding specialists is an issue

Founded in 2014, Wi-Q is a convenient mobile ordering solution used across the hospitality sector in the UK and abroad, making it easy for customers to select and pay for their food and drinks from their chair, their room or their seat by the pool. 

The Wi-Q team is constantly looking into innovations – what their clients might want from the application, what new features they can initiate themselves and how they can tailor different formats of their solution to suit the range of businesses within the hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment industry. 

Using cutting edge technology to build and grow their application meant that Wi-Q faced an issue in recruiting software engineers and developers as they looked to accelerate their development as a business. There just weren’t that many around with the necessary specialist knowledge and skills. 

This is what drew Wi-Q to Bristow Holland – the fact that as recruiters we are industry-specific to tech and IT. Not only do we know a large number of the top specialists in any particular field and where to find them, we also understand the technology and terminology software companies and experts use.

Seeing the individual beyond the CV

Once they’d engaged with us, the first thing that Wi-Q noticed was how we think outside the box. Not relying on job posts for specialist developer roles, we went out and hunted down the experts we knew could deliver what Wi-Q needed, and who would be either available or open to exploring a new challenge. 

Recruiting for Wi-Q – as it is for many other specialist software firms – is all about looking beyond the CV. We see the person behind the CV. After getting to know the leadership and team at Wi-Q – and establishing their needs, philosophy, character and priorities – we were able to know whether a candidate was going to be the right fit both for the team in terms of their personality and for the company in terms of their skills. 

The process goes both ways – it also made sure that Wi-Q was the right fit for the candidate, to avoid an unhappy specialist further down the line. This makes a huge difference to the directors at Wi-Q, because they know that by the time a candidate arrives for an interview, it’s likely they are going to be the right person for the job.

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It’s not unusual for tech specialists to get pinged multiple times a week by agencies. It’s a testament to Bristow Holland that they don’t get lost in all that noise and maintain respect.
Rachael Drouet, Head of People & Development

The benefits of being immersed in tech and IT

For both Wi-Q and their staff, working with a recruiter who knows the technology sector makes the whole process more informed, more professional and generally smoother.

For candidates, it can be a real help – they know they can talk to Bristow Holland about any concerns they may have about the role, the conditions or the deal and we’ll understand exactly what they mean. From there, we’re able to tailor their recruitment experience to suit their needs and be honest and upfront with clients to avoid awkward scenarios further down the line. 

Wi-Q’s really appreciate how we make the experience of working with us so straightforward and simple. The relationship has become so close that it’s like having their own recruitment department in-house, but without having to actually have that function as part of their company. We’ve taken that problem away. 

“Bristow Holland delivers what they say they are going to. It’s a great partnership.”

– Stuart Bennett, Technical Director


WiQ is a great example of a client that engages with us fully and takes all of our advice on board. As a result, their recruitment process is very, very well defined and they have a really high success rate.”

– Andy Bristow

In recruitment, relationships define everything

We’ve now been working with Wi-Q for a number of years, and have consistently been able to help them find the people they need as their business offering – and their team – continues to expand, in what is a highly competitive market place. 

Any relationship of this length isn’t without its ups and downs, but great communication and a deep understanding of what the client needs has been key to our – and their – ongoing success. The challenges and discussions have just made the relationship stronger over time, and there’s no doubt that we know Wi-Q’s business well enough to source more ideally-suited employees as they navigate further growth.

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