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Digital Transformation, Projects & Change Recruitment

Steering a company through periods of change and growth

A recruitment agency must find an expert with the right skills, experience and attitude to manage a business’s objectives, processes and timescales during change and tech evolution.

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We help a dynamic companies and transformation specialists to come together and produce high-value results.

For Employers

Whether a specific technology project, a cloud migration or overseeing business-wide infrastructure transformation, it’s essential to have a perfect match for your needs, values and ambitions.  Looking to hire now? Try our job readiness calculator to see how your stack up…

For Candidates

It’s not just about finding a role where your organisational skills will be most needed and appreciated. It’s also about pairing you with an employer who matches your priorities and where you are on your career journey.

Product Manager
£65,000 – £70,000
Accepting candidates
  • Digital Transformation, Projects & Change
  • Permanent
  • £65,000 – £70,000
  • London (Fully remote)
Digital Transformation, Projects & Change
Agile Implementation Manager
£55,000 – £60,000
Accepting candidates
  • Digital Transformation, Projects & Change
  • Permanent
  • £55,000 – £60,000
  • Norwich (Hybrid working)
Digital Transformation, Projects & Change
Business Systems Analyst
£70,000 – £80,000
Accepting candidates
  • Digital Transformation, Projects & Change
  • Permanent
  • £70,000 – £80,000
  • London (Hybrid working)
Digital Transformation, Projects & Change
Marc Brown
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About Us
Marc Brown Digital Transformation, Projects & Change

Marc is our specialist in Change and Transformation and Business Analysis, joining us in early 2017 after several years’ experience at another blue-chip recruitment firm in the construction market. He completed his Prince 2 certification in November 2017. An experienced recruiter, and proud of his track record of success, Marc works hard to build on Bristow Holland’s reputation as the key local supplier for specialised project management, change management and business analysis skills throughout Suffolk and Essex. He’s proactive and supportive in his approach, and takes after-care extremely seriously, making sure the start for new personnel runs smoothly. Marc’s mission is to continue our philosophy of making ourselves available 24/7, building close, long-lasting relationships with everyone he works with, and offering an even better service to candidates and clients alike. Outside of work, Marc is a keen footballer and plays regularly for Wormingford Wanderers FC in Border League Division 1.

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How to create the framework for success: Making it make sense

Making it
make sense

Before we can make matches for either the candidate or employer, we need to make sure the proposition is sensibly aligned with the market. Only a specialist with a deep understanding of the sector can do this. For hirers, this means defining what you want to achieve with your new hire; for tech specialists we’ll go over your experience, expectations and priorities for the future. If they all add up we can make things happen.

How to create the framework for success: Sharpening the details

the details

Finding a high-value match for both parties means everyone needs to bring their A-game. Throughout the search, selection and interview process, we ensure both businesses and specialists convey their value with clarity and honesty, so each understands and trusts what the other brings to the table.

How to create the framework for success: Always there for you

Always there
for you

At every stage, our team will keep you informed, answer any concerns and support you through any challenges that may arise. Our role is to anticipate obstacles, eliminate them before you know about them or calmly advise how we will handle them with as little stress as possible. And we will always be on hand for ongoing advice.

It’s not unusual for tech specialists to get pinged multiple times a week by agencies. It’s a testament to Bristow Holland that they don’t get lost in all that noise and maintain respect.
Rachael Drouet, Head of People & Development Explore Case Study
Without Bristow Holland, we wouldn’t have a team. They’ve hired all of our guys and built that whole team that is now driving this product forward.
Stuart Barnett, Technical Director, Wi-Q. Explore Case Study
Bristow Holland are in the business of recruiting people of a high calibre. Over the last 12 months, we’ve hired 4 exceptional people who are all outstanding in their field.
Steve Lamb, General Manager Explore Case Study
Jon ReeveJon Reeve
13:20 07 Jun 24
I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Harry whilst going through the application process of my newly offered position.Without a doubt, I can say that Harry has been brilliant for the duration!Great communication and helped me relay my expectations easily and painlessly.Thanks again!
Martín A. LuxardoMartín A. Luxardo
01:55 17 May 24
How Wesley Helped Me Land My Job in Just Two Months:I am thrilled to share my experience working with Wesley, who was pivotal in my successful job search. Our journey began on March 14th, and thanks to Wesley’s exceptional guidance and support, I secured a fantastic job on May 13th — just two months later. I had been looking to relocate to Europe for the best part of a decade with little to no success. Now my family and I get to live our dream.From the very beginning, Wesley demonstrated a deep understanding of the job market and tailored his approach to fit my unique needs and career goals. His expertise was evident in every aspect of the job search process. Here are a few key ways Wesley helped me:Personalized Career Strategy: Wesley took the time to understand my background, skills, and aspirations. He crafted a personalized career strategy highlighting my strengths and positioning me as a strong candidate in my desired industry.CV Overhaul: One of the first steps was revamping my resume. Wesley’s insights were invaluable in transforming these documents into compelling narratives that effectively showcased my qualifications and achievements.Interview Preparation: Wesley provided extensive interview preparation, including tips and techniques to ensure my online interview success. His constructive critiques and tips on how to articulate my experiences and skills boosted my confidence and helped me perform exceptionally well in interviews.Networking and Job Search Techniques: Wesley helped me on how to perform a cold outreach. This was a key aspect of the process.Continuous Support and Motivation: Throughout the entire process, Wesley was a constant source of support and motivation. His positive attitude and encouragement kept me focused and persistent, even when faced with challenges.Thanks to Wesley’s dedication and expertise, I was able to navigate the competitive job market efficiently and secure a position that aligns perfectly with my career goals. I am incredibly grateful for his help and would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking career guidance and support.Wesley, thank you for always being there with your warmth, kind words, and BIG HEART!Sincerely,Martín Luxardo

Frequently asked questions

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How do I get into Projects, Change Management and Business Transformation?

The usual way to get into project management is via a business degree, but within the IT and Tech sector it is more common for specialists to move into it through an internal sideways move in their own organisation. 

You would usually come to it from a functional role where you have taken on responsibility for the delivery of an IT project, or been seconded onto a specific project to ensure its delivery. If you are looking to get into project management, then you should seek out these kinds of opportunities in your current work setting.

What is the career path in Projects, Change and Transformation?

There is quite a linear career path from Junior Project Manager to Project Manager and then Senior Project Manager. Beyond this, you would move upwards to roles like Programme Manager or Business Transformation Specialist, setting up and overseeing larger projects with more complex demands, like a company relocation, new premises, and leading a team of project managers.

How much should a Project or Change Transformation Manager expect to earn?

A Junior PM would start at a salary of around £25k. Senior PMs often earn £50k-60k per year, with Business Transformation and Programme Managers getting anything from £500-800 per day, depending on the size of the project.

What qualifications or certifications do I need for Project Management or Business Transformation roles?

There are quite a few certifications possible in project management. Prince2 is a widely-recognised (both in the UK and internationally) project management qualification following a process-based methodology, with various gradings according to experience or seniority. Getting a Prince2 qualification can help you a great deal when it comes to securing a job.

Other certifications are also available, like PMP (Certified Project Management Professional), MSP (Managing Successful Programmes courses) and some other side-qualifications like Scrum Master for specific agile systems.

What’s the future for Projects, Change and Transformation management?

Similar to business analysis, we’d expect high-quality project managers to be around for a long time. As the job is quite generalist, with contractors moving from company to company, the more technical and better-qualified PMs will be in demand in future. 

As technology and connectedness gets ever more smooth, good project managers will be improving interpersonal skills, managing resources and dealing with expectation management as much as running the projects. 

What type of companies hire a Project or Business Transformation Manager?

Usually, larger companies running their own IT development in conjunction with their usual business activities, or software companies integrating specific projects, will hire project managers. Whenever a company is rolling out a new system or making significant tech infrastructure changes there will be a need for a professional to make sure everything is coming together properly.

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10/10 would highly recommend Bristow Holland. They were able to support me every step of the way from application to job offer.
Azeez, Senior Business Analyst