Your guide to Norfolk’s top tech events

Norfolk is a hub of tech and digital expertise, as demonstrated by the host of great events we have on...

Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow
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16 December 2019 Date Created

Norfolk is a hub of tech and digital expertise, as demonstrated by the host of great events we have on our doorstep. From 54-hour hackathons to regular developer meetups, there is so much that Norfolk has to offer for digital and tech experts, business owners and creatives.

For Business Owners

Any business in Norfolk would be wise to attend Norfolk Chamber of Commerce events. Norfolk is home to a number of flourishing sectors – from agriculture and technology to tourism and financial services – and the Chamber of Commerce aims to create events that accommodate everyone. From training opportunities to larger industry events, the Chamber is a ‘must join’ for business owners large and small.

For Developers

Norfolk Developers is one of the county’s original independent developer groups. With  1,300 members and growing, it continues to have monthly meetups including regular Python user group socials and monthly talks on technical topics. If you are a full-stack or front-end developer, professional or just starting out, this is the meet-up for you.

The group’s founder Paul Grenyer also launched the spin-out annual developer conference Nor(DEV), as well as Nor(DEV) Magazine which is full of useful information and reviews.

For Creatives

Annual hackathon Sync the City has delivered some incredible winners over the years. The three-day event attracts creative minds from across East Anglia and give attendees an opportunity to show off their talent, ideas and developments. The event is ideal for developers, designers, project managers and marketeers, but tickets sell fast so make sure to sign up for alerts.

Hot Source is billed as ‘The Original Norwich Meetup Group’ for forward-thinking creatives, and it’s still at the heart of Norwich’s monthly events. Hot Source’s mission is to “fire up your creativity and help you become better creators and problem solvers”, and its events do exactly that.

SyncNorwich is still the place to be for anyone in the tech and startup space. With a growing group of 1,700+ members, SyncNorwich has one aim; to grow Norwich into a world-class digital city. Take a look at some of its previous events to get a flavour for what’s coming up in 2020.

You can often find a member of our team at events across Norfolk, but if you’d like to discuss your IT recruitment needs in more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. One of our sector specialists will be more than happy to assist with your search.