How to impress a technology employer in the East of England

New year, new you… new job? As you ring in the next decade, you might be wondering how your current...

Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow
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14 January 2020 Date Created

New year, new you… new job? As you ring in the next decade, you might be wondering how your current job fits into your hopes and plans for the future. If you’re ready to start your new job search this January, specifically IT jobs, you’ll be excited by the prospects in the East of England.

Ipswich is a burgeoning tech hub with £250 million digital tech turnover in 2017. You might already know about the area’s big employers like BT’s Global Research & Development centre, Adastral Park, but there are plenty more tech businesses in the area (over 50 were launched in 2016) to get you excited about your job hunt.

You may be competing with a lot of other tech experts who are wanting to make a move for the new year, so how do you make the best impression with IT recruiters? Make the most of the opportunities in IT in the East of England and follow our top tips to get you on track for a new career for 2020.

1. Create an online presence

Take a look at your Linkedin profile. Does it show your best professional self? Or is it half-finished and out of date by however many years you were last on the job market, with your old desk-mate as the only person on your connection list?

If the latter sounds more familiar, it’s time to log on and update. In IT recruitment, technology employers love searching Linkedin for new prospects. Make sure that your profile gets noticed by announcing you’re looking for new opportunities in the East of England and show off all your skills, achievements and job history.

Why not think a little more creatively and flex your skills by making your own website too as an online portfolio and CV. Time-poor recruiters might pause for a minute longer on your application if you make something unique. Any opportunity to stand out from the crowd in this busy jobs market is a bonus.

2. Improve your Github profile

In applications and interviews for technology jobs, you can show your potential employers what a great candidate you are, rather than just telling them. Github is where all your best work is, so make sure that your profile shows just how good you are. Include readmes and make sure that you can answer questions about all your past projects if the panel look at your profile in the interview.

3. Build your own projects

Another great way to show, not tell is by displaying your skills through ‘extra-curricular’ projects. Whether it’s contributing to open source projects or building something from scratch as a passion project, your dedication and commitment to continued learning will impress any tech employer.

4. Ask questions

Everyone knows that asking questions at the end of a job interview is an important part of the process and your chance to turn an interview around. Leave your queries about salary, annual leave and ergonomic desk chairs for another time. This is your chance to show your interest in the company, your commitment to job progression and your enthusiasm for the role.

Ask about company culture, team dynamics, the evolution of the job over the past few years, the importance of soft skills, or even the organisation’s stance on the latest tech development in the news. Try and tailor your questions to show your knowledge of the industry and also find out if the role is right for you.

5. Show that you can solve their problems

How well do you really know the company you’ve applied for a job with? If you’re serious about your new year job search you might have reached out to dozens of IT employers in the East of England. From cold email to post-interview, you can show employers that you’re the best candidate by demonstrating your understanding of the company inside and out.

Read articles about the organisation’s position in the industry, what are their priorities, who are their competitors? If you know someone who already works there, even better – invite them for a catch up over coffee and get the insiders viewpoint as well. If you made it to the interview stage and it went well, why not follow up on a topic that you discussed with the panel and send an interesting report or some suggestions for the next product launch. It’s proactive, a little ballsy, and sure to keep your name at the front of the employer’s mind.

6. Give a tech talk

How often do you look at the ‘other information’ section of a job application form and draw a blank? Rather than fall back on a line about your love of travel and reading, get out there and do something that’ll really give you something to write about. The East of England is a great place for networking in the tech industry, so why not put yourself out there and volunteer to give a tech talk at your local meetup group (have a look at some key events in Suffolk and Norfolk). Not only will it show your passion and expertise, it could be the confidence boost you need to get you to your next great job.

Get the advantage for East of England’s best IT jobs

The new year is a busy time in IT recruitment. You can stay ahead of the competition to secure the best IT jobs in the East of England by working with our expert team here at Bristow Holland. Our consultants are committed to building lasting relationships between employers and candidates. If you want to join a dynamic IT team and make a new year change that will take your career in technology to the next level, contact us today.