Top 5 Tech Industry Trends to Look Out For

2020 has been interesting, so what’s next… There’s little that I can write about 2020 that hasn’t already been said...

Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow
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18 February 2021 Date Created

2020 has been interesting, so what’s next…

There’s little that I can write about 2020 that hasn’t already been said and making predictions has proved an increasingly perilous thing to do BUT things are moving quickly so let’s speculate on what the future may have in store…

1. Many people will have a lot of catching up to do.

Thousands of businesses and millions of people have yet to start a recruitment process since the pandemic started, and there will be a period of adjustment for all parties. The recruitment world is faster, led by agile and growing businesses hungry to make up for ground lost in 2020 who are in a hurry. Remote first interviews are shortening recruitment cycles and those unprepared will be left dazed and confused, which leads nicely on to number 2…

2. To be competitive in the future, video interviewing is an almost compulsory part of the process.

Gone are the days of meeting in person several times before any decisions are made; we’re living in a new age where digital ‘meetings’ have taken the place of one-to-one interviews where two people meet physically in the same room –  like it or not.

video call

3. Candidate drivers and motivators have changed.

The advice we gave clients on candidate attraction only 18 months ago is largely obsolete and a new dynamic has taken hold. Those candidates who had brushes with furlough and redundancy during 2020 are evaluating prospective employers through newly critical eyes and increased vigilance for any red flags. It’s no longer the case that the candidate is ‘at the mercy’ of the employer when it comes to recruitment; candidates are ‘recruiting’ employers to ensure this is the position they want.

4. C# .Net will make a comeback in 2021.

The number of both contract and permanent vacancies advertised in the six months to February 2021 is down 50% on the corresponding period last year. C# development environments, most common in larger business, have notably put major projects and therefore recruitment on hold, as corporate confidence returns in the coming six months the shackles will come off and pent up demand will reach the market. If you are C# developer, be ready!

The Impact of AI on Software Development

5. Specialist markets are increasingly difficult for employers to access on a one-off basis.

Whether that be IT, Finance, Engineering or any comparable sector. This is a long term trend that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

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