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Welcome to the Contractor Area of our site and thank you for contracting with Bristow Holland, we look forward to working with you. In this section you will find many of the resources you need to help you at the start of and throughout your assignment as a contractor with Bristow Holland.

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Click on the ETZ button above to access your online timesheet portal

If you are having difficulty logging into the system or have a payment enquiry please email or call our payroll team on 0118 9515840


Our Process

We use several carefully chosen and trusted suppliers to assist in the administration of our contracts and our back office team are committed to dealing with any questions promptly and efficiently. Your first point of contact will always be our support team on 0118 9515840 however your consultant is available queries that require escalation so please take a note of your consultants individual mobile number as well as our general office number. The following information is applicable to Limited company contractors only, umbrella workers will follow a slightly different process.

Once you have accepted a contract assignment you will be requested to provide proof of identification, eligibility to work in the UK and National Insurance number which will allow us to create an initial contract. Once your contract and schedule of services has been created you will be required to provide the following information in order to be set up on our timesheet portal, ETZ:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • VAT Certificate
  • Proof of Bank Details
  • Self Bill Agreement
  • Insurance documents - Employers Liability, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability
  • Status Declaration (AWR) 


Payment Schedule

For both umbrella and limited company contractors timesheets should be completed via ETZ as soon as possible after the conclusion of your working week.  Authorisers are required to confirm timesheets via ETZ by Tuesday at 12pm to guarantee payment will be released by Friday of that week.  Any delay in authorisation will unfortunately result in an equal delay of payment so we encourage you to ensure that you submit your time and your authorisers approve your timesheet - we will send you a weekly email to remind you !

Full details can be found here:

Bristow Holland Payment Schedule


User guides

Full user guides for ETZ Timesheet portal can be found here:

Contractors Guide to submitting timesheets via ETZ 

Clients Guide to approving timesheets via ETZ



  • This is my first limited company contract and I don't understand all of this terminology, it's all very confusing? 

Don't worry, whilst it can be daunting at first tens of thousands of contractors operate this way across the UK every day and you will soon get the hang of it.  To help you get started, Bristow Holland work with a long term provider of Limited Company set up and accountancy services, they will talk you through the process of setting up your company, choosing a name, opening a business bank account and preparing for life a director of your own business.  

  • Isn't that expensive, can't I do it all myself? 

Of course you could do all of this yourself along with your annual self assessment tax return however most decide that a small fee is worth it for the level of support and guidance you receive that lets you concentrate on delivering your contract 

  • Why does my timesheet say "waiting approval by Bristow Holland"?

This simply means that we are due to process your payment, no further client approval is needed


Latest Blog

11 December 2017
Business News

Andy Bristow of Bristow Holland discusses how our social media profile can impact our employment prospects.

There have been a number of news stories over the last couple of months concerning people in the public eye who have lost their jobs or missed out on pending employment opportunities because of something they have posted on social media in the past.   The media has been full of stores this year about high profile individuals making many a faux pas on social media.  From Donald Trump’s plethora of ill thought out, aggressive tweets and Prue Leith mistakenly announcing the winner of Bake Off 2017 before the final episode was aired, to Jack Maynard being pulled out of the jungle and axed from this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! because of his past racist and homophobic tweets.  Whenever I hear of these stories, it astounds me that people in the public eye don’t think more before they put these things out into the public domain.  These people, whose business is their public persona, seem not to give a second thought to how they are representing themselves publicly through the opinions and images they share online.  I am sure that their management teams and PR people have advised them accordingly about protecting their reputation on social media yet, many still seem to post without considering the impact it will have on how they are perceived in the future.

Latest Job

  • Systems Analyst - SQL
    This is your chance to move from a general infrastructure support role into taking the first steps to specialisation, a logical career progression choice for more experienced infrastructure specialists with a good all round knowledge of systems analysis. By starting the journey towards specialisation you will be putting yourself in a strong position and ensuring that your career is accurately tracking the trends in the market. This role is offering the opportunity for an experienced support analyst with some knowledge of database monitoring and performing to start to move towards an SQL DBA role.
    Job Details
    • Job Type Permanent
    • Location Ipswich
    • Salary £35000
    • Reference AB - 43
    • Contact Andy Bristow
    • Phone 01473 550780
    • Graduate No
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