IT Recruitment that will elevate your team

What will you do if a key team member decides to leave? It’s hard to reach out from cold into an active IT candidate market and find the expert you need. Simply advertising or harvesting CVs is not enough and adds no value, we offer an extra layer to the process. Using our in-depth knowledge of the IT industry and the specialist target markets, we are able get your vacancies in front of the people you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Who are the right people for your business? Technical innovation and candidate trends mean the requirements of the candidate market are always shifting, so you can’t assume you know exactly what you need. We can pinpoint the skills a candidate will need to match your job and the best way to present that to the market.

Why would they want to work with you? We can advise on how to make your company an attractive proposition to your target market, removing issues you may have had with sourcing candidates and setting achieveable goals.

Our Approach

  1. Understanding your recruitment needs

Every business is unique and will have different issues when it comes to recruitment. Our job is to get to know you and your company and find out exactly what you need. We’ll source candidates who will bring something special to your business and help drive it forward.

  1. Taking advantage of our strong network

Whether you need a contractor right now or are recruiting for a permanent post, we’ll know a specialist who’ll fit perfectly. With years of experience in the IT jobs market in Suffolk, Essex and beyond, we’re familiar with who’s working where, who’s standing out in their field, and who might be coming to the end of their contract.

  1. Simple, succinct, successful

We welcome clients who engage openly with us and speak freely about what they need. In return, we’ll offer you straightforward, clear advice on any and every aspect of the recruitment process, and waste no time in finding you the candidates to help secure the future of your business.

The Numbers

We work hard for our clients, setting ambitious goals, and the stats speak for themselves. How do we achieve these numbers? By being selective and proactive – working with businesses and individuals who communicate well, have a positive vision and approach recruitment with realistic commercial expectations. It’s working well so far!

Your Consulting Partners

Do you have problems attracting suitable applicants for your job? We can help. Years spent recruiting specialists for dynamic IT teams has given us vital insights into sourcing staff within this constantly-evolving industry. We can help you refine your recruitment process, identify what your target market wants, and make sure your company is an attractive proposition to the right candidates. You’ll spend less time and money on recruitment as a result.

Applying theory in practice

We don’t just talk about improving your hiring process; as consultants we can come on board to guide you through the exact steps you should take. Crafting your job spec, briefing for interviews or enhancing your work environment – all help attract engaged employees.

Drop us a line to start the conversation – we’ll get to know your business and use our expertise to point you in the right direction.

Success Stories

Nothing says more about how we create positive results for both clients and candidates than their own first-hand stories. Care and attention to detail in recruitment can change lives and companies that engage fully with us get exactly the people they need.

Stuart & Charlie: The Wi-Q story

When you’re working with cutting-edge technology, there are not many developers around who can fulfil your needs. See how we found just the right candidate for Stuart’s team and how Charlie knew Wi-Q would be a rewarding place to work.

Without Bristow Holland, we basically wouldn’t have a team. They’ve hired every one of our guys and built that whole team that is now driving this product forward.

Stuart Barnett, Technical Director, Wi-Q.

Want to start changing things?

A one-to-one chat is far more effective than scanning through online info when it comes to getting to know each other and understanding your business. If you’ve reached a point where you know you have to recruit new staff to keep your company growing, we can help.

Call us or drop us a line today and we’ll listen to what you need, personally guide you through the process, and work out where you can go next.

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