Solving Your IT Recruitment Problems

Has a key team member decided to leave? Perhaps you’ve secured a contract requiring specialist resource at short notice. It’s hard to reach out from the cold into an active IT candidate market and find the expert you need. Simply advertising or harvesting CVs is not enough.

At Bristow Holland, we bring an extra layer to the process. Using our in-depth knowledge of the IT industry and the specialist markets within it, we can get your vacancies in front of the people you wouldn’t usually be able to reach.

The Specialisms

“IT” isn’t a specialism, it’s an umbrella term for a group of specialisms as distinct from each other as chalk and cheese.  We dedicate experts to each specialism so you can always speak to a genuine market expert


Line managers are typically responsible for delivering a company’s IT strategy and ensuring specific projects are completed on schedule and within budget. In some cases, they will also be charged with sourcing a team of qualified people that can help the company achieve its objectives, as identified by the managing director or CEO.

Without the support of an internal HR team, line managers often face a battle finding candidates that are both available and suitable. That’s where Bristow Holland can help. Once we understand your requirements, we can advise on the type of candidate you need and present you with a number of viable options in as short a timeframe as possible.


At Bristow Holland, we have an excellent track record of working with HR managers and resourcing teams. We understand the challenges these teams can face, whether it’s inflexible internal procurement rules, managing uncooperative internal stakeholders or working with insufficient budgets.

Hiring for a specialist IT role at short notice can put even more pressure on HR teams who don’t have the necessary insight on the candidate market. Our specialists can help ease the hiring headache, utilising their expert industry knowledge and the latest recruitment tools to source the ideal candidates when you need them most.

Our Approach

  1. Understanding your needs

Every business is unique and will have different issues when it comes to recruitment. Our job is to get to know your company, find out what you require, and source a specialist who can take your business forward.

  1. Maximising Our Network

We’ve spent several years building a database of candidates across key IT specialisms. We know who’s working where, who’s standing out, and who might be coming towards the end of their contract.

  1. Delivering Efficient Solutions

We welcome clients who are open and honest about their needs. In return, we provide straightforward advice about the recruitment process, with a view to having your vacancy filled within four weeks.


When companies start to work with us, they stick around. Why? The easy answer is that we consistently find candidates – but not just any candidates. The people we source are typically those whom neither the client, nor most other recruiters, would be able to find.

Each of our consultants knows their individual specialism inside-out. Using technology and their well-nurtured networks, they have amassed data on candidates that goes far beyond a name and job title. The type of data an employer could never capture, manage or ascertain.

Success Stories

Nothing says more about how we create positive results for both clients and candidates than their own first-hand stories. Care and attention to detail in recruitment can change lives and companies that engage fully with us get exactly the people they need.

Stuart & Charlie: The Wi-Q story

When you’re working with cutting-edge technology, there are not many developers around who can fulfil your needs. See how we found just the right candidate for Stuart’s team and how Charlie knew Wi-Q would be a rewarding place to work.

Without Bristow Holland, we basically wouldn’t have a team. They’ve hired every one of our guys and built that whole team that is now driving this product forward.

Stuart Barnett, Technical Director, Wi-Q.


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