Working from home…it’s here to stay!

Back in the height of lockdown, we asked our candidates to tell us of their experiences since lockdown, one of...

Andy Bristow
Andy Bristow
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20 October 2020 Date Created

Back in the height of lockdown, we asked our candidates to tell us of their experiences since lockdown, one of the standout findings was that only 16% of IT staff had been furloughed with most switching to work from home, after 4 months where are we now?

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Furlough update

Among our client base, most decisions on furloughed workers were made in June as offices opened back up, the vast majority of companies bringing people back to full time, however, there were some examples of early calls being made on redundancies that may have looked to take advantage of the furlough scheme during the redundancy process.

Minimal numbers of IT staff remain on furlough but unfortunately, some candidates such as lower-level IT support roles and some more expensive contractors and IT manager have been affected by redundancy leading to high candidate numbers from these backgrounds in the proactive job-seekers market.

What about the technical roles?

This is in contrast to the highly skilled technical market where demand for developers and similarly technical roles is in some instances surpassing pre-lockdown levels as the candidate market in these skills becomes less fluid due to cautious candidate sentiment amid the threat of further lockdowns.


As predicted by the survey, contractors have proved more willing to consider permanent roles for both the immediate security and with the prospect of delayed IR35 legislation being implemented on April 21.

What about home-working?

For IT specialists, working from home is here to stay with new roles typically being offered either as a mix between the office and home or on a fully remote basis. This presents greater competition for roles among local candidates and greater options for businesses that have embraced the change.

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