BI Analyst

About the Position

Database & Business Intelligence
Colchester, Essex
£40,000 - £50,000 per annum

Job Role

This BI Analyst role is vital to the company and your overall responsibility will be to analyse activity data, investigate trends and make recommendations to support the business operations across the board. You will need to ensure accurate data is delivered in a timely fashion and of a high quality.

You’ll be the dedicated specialist for Data Flow, to resolve the issues with Data Quality (Completeness & Accuracy) and ETL to DWH and to help expand the business internal capabilities on data import methods whilst improving data quality and cleanliness.

Requirements & Experience

Key responsibilities will include: 

  • Using SQL to build, maintain and optimise complex data sets and associated reports
  • Managing ETL process, including adapting and troubleshooting as required to ensure data consistency
  • Carrying on data quality assessments, identifying gaps, and performing remediation actions
  • Communicating with stakeholders to understand data content and business requirements 


Technology wise, all you’ll need is a good understanding and working knowledge of SQL and ETL processes. In addition, any experience with Tableau, SSRS or Azure are desirable but not essential.

Job Benefits


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